All That You Wanted to Know About SEO

Ever thought of having a steady stream of visitors to your site always, with the visitor count increasing every day? Probably the first though that comes to your mind is that achieving it would require a lot of money in the form of advertising. Yet, how about achieving this without spending a lot?

Yes, it is possible to increase the number of visitors to your site without spending extravagantly. Most people get to know about a site in internet through the search engines. So, if you have your website name right at the top of a search engine result, you will draw the maximum number of visitors to your website. This is where SEO comes in real handy and where a Connecticut SEO Company can help.

Connecticut SEO Company  and SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is a method using which you would get your site to the top of the search engine rankings. Remember, people generally click on the websites which are at the top of a search engine result, so having your website at the top can really help a lot. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much too. You can spread knowledge about your site to every nook and corner of the world without spending a lot.


The Benefits of a Connecticut SEO Company

Taking your site to the top using SEO isn’t a one day affair and takes some time. SEO simply takes note of the search engine’s algorithm and the methods the search engines use to rank websites. With this, SEO helps your site reach the top. Search engines weigh a variety of things before deciding how to rank websites in search results. So, concepts of relevancy of the site to the keywords used in the search result, the age of the site, the originality of the site, the reputation of the site; all are considered by search engines when they rank websites in search results.

SEO helps in the following way.

  • It makes your site optimized so that it ranks high on search engines like Google.
  • All the content in your site is optimized to include relevant keywords.
  • Link building helps increase site popularity.

Factors that Help You Increase Visitors

If you link to other sites from the content in your sites which have a good reputation your site’s popularity will increase. SEO optimization doesn’t only depend on your site’s content but many other factors as well. So, i This is called link building. If you get a link to your site from any other site, your site’s popularity will increase too. Back linking, as it is called, is one among the many other procedures employed to optimize your site content.

Even with the aging of you site, your site gets a better rank in search engines like Google. Just as good SEO can help you, bad SEO can even black list your site from search engines. It is essential thus, to use good SEO in your site. Your site should never contain plagiarized or copied materials. This is because if search engines like Google find that your site contains plagiarized materials; your website is bound to get a lower rank in search results. Tagging your content properly, not using redirects, using lesser of Flash, using a good domain name can all count in making your website reach and stay in the top for a long time. Connecticut SEO Company can help you get to the top of the rankings in no time.

SEO: All That You Wanted to Know About It

Let’s take it this way. Asking 20 different Search Marketers today to give a clear explanation of SEO will give you 20 different answers. You use SEO to get the site to rank higher in the organic search results, and get more quality traffic to the site. This process is done through either on-page procedures – which involve using of relevant content, keywords, and link structure, or even off-page procedures which involve link building. Connecticut SEO does exactly that.


Understanding Connecticut SEO

As you could perhaps guess, the most important word in the above definition is ‘process’. SEO is actually an evolving process and one that changes continuously. SEO is like a school of thought on its own and isn’t something that is done in a jiffy. It is something that is attained to perfection through a series of small adjustments. Individually these small adjustments may not mean much, but when combined, can leave a positive mark on the website by giving it a better ranking in the organic search results. SEO always requires the essentials of time, education as well as resources.

A necessary knowledge to have in context to SEO and SEM

Do not ever confuse the terms Search Engine Optimisation or SEO with Search Engine Marketing or SEM. This is because SEM is the broader term and SEO as well as Paid Search Advertising comes under SEM.

SEM – This is actually a form of marketing which helps you promote your website in the search results of search engines through both non-paid as well as paid methods. The non-paid or natural method includes the concept and process of SEO whereas the paid methods include paid placement, contextual advertising; among others. The term SEM is also to refer to persons who perform SEM, called the Search Engine Marketers.

SEO – This is the branch of SEM that deals only with the search rankings that are achieved by natural or non-paid means. The SEO process again, helps in driving quality traffic to the site by improving the site’s visibility in search engine results. The SEO process is often a time consuming effort and require a continuous effort for some time. Like SEM for Search Engine Marketers, SEO is also referred to people who are Search Engine Optimisers. SEO can be the most cost-effective method in SEM if used properly.

How does Google rank web pages?

Here is how connecticut seo will help.

  • Relevance
  • Popularity
  • Trust

Remember the value of Content

No matter how much effective SEO you might use, content is the king. This means that high quality content will always help. You should rank as much as you deserve to rank, nothing more. So, if you believe you can stay at the top by just using SEO, you are wrong. Quality content will matter. If you take the easy route and go for the AdWords campaign, you should remember that only 14% of the total traffic in search results comes through paid advertising. A sponsored result does not hold the strength that an organic search result does.

SEO is worth it and combined with quality, can be lethal to your competitors. Just be sure to create a website that is original, desirable and contains the necessary keywords with which an user will search in the search engines. Connecticut SEO packages can help you rocket your site rankings to the first page of Google.

How does Google rank web pages?

Most search algorithms basically follow a simple pattern to rank websites. The relevancy, popularity and trustworthiness of the site are taken into account when ranking the site. The more of these three essentials are there, the healthier the Search Engine Rankings. Ct SEO takes care of all of these factors.


So, if Google thinks your web page is popular or thinks that your website is trustworthy, you are bound to get a better rank.

Ct SEO looks at Relevance

When a userenters a particular keyword in the search engine, Google analyses how much relevant those keywords are according to the content in your website. So, if the same keywords that are entered by the user actually exists a number of times in your site as well, you will have a better Search Engine ranking. Relevancy increases, if you have the keywords right in the title of your page.

Ct SEO looks at Popularity

The popularity of your site is determined by the number of web pages which link back to your site in the web. If you have other sites which link back to your site, then the popularity increases. Every link adds to the popularity of a website.

Ct SEO looks at Trust

If you have more websites linking to you, you have more popularity. Yet, how does Google know the trustworthiness of your site? If the links directing towards your site come from sites that are popular themselves, then the trustworthiness of your site increases. Also, as your website ages, it gathers more trustworthiness. So, old web sites and web pages fare better in search engine results. Also, domain names like .edu or .gov hold much more weight. Your trust factor might get hurt too if most of the links directing to your site are from sites that can’t be trusted themselves.

Here is what will work for you to better your Ct SEO.

  • Web pages which are old get more relevance.
  • Topic relevance to user search.
  • Website reputation
  • The number of relevant links to and from the site.

With time, everything changes!

The techniques described above might be the most relevant today but things change soon. What might change? Well, for instance, there might be change in algorithms, in customers, in search behaviour and what not. Though some principles are bound to withstand the test of time in some way or the other, many things do get changed with time. And this is where Ct SEO can help.

Google, on its part, updates its search algorithms from time to time. Normally, Google doesn’t want people to know about its search algorithm as it might result in manipulation by people to get better search results. In fact, just some months back, Google gave a glimpse (a rare one) of their latest search algorithm, which is known by the name, Caffeine.

This new search algorithm uses the same user interface like the previous one, but there are changes underneath. If you go to, you can see and compare the results between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Google and check the different for yourself. The difference isn’t huge, but the rankings get a slight change. So, you might take an entire year to get your site to the number 1 position only to find your site dropping down in the results once Google changes its search algorithm. This is why SEO is a constant process and with quality content, you have nothing to fear.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits With Us

Do you want your business to get to the top? How about making your business website feature in the top of the Search Engine Rankings for starters? Wouldn’t it be awesome if people could just find you when they came to do a search on Google or Yahoo? Our Ct SEO services can help.


How Do Our Ct SEO Services Help?

This is all possible when you use Our SEO services. Using our SEO services makes your business reach right at the top of search engine rankings, enabling you to draw customers in hordes. With us, you will get your website featured right in the Top 10 of the search results. That’s not all. The cost of using our SEO services is a lot cheaper compared to the cost of conventional advertising, especially if you compare the outreach of the two. We make your business provide the maximum outreach in the minimum of cost.

So don’t lose out on potential customers! There are many out there who are waiting to buy your products – you just have to tell it to them! Use our SEO services and we would help you drive some valuable traffic to your website. Creating a website, after all, isn’t the only thing needed. You need to learn how to make the website popular too. This is what we do. With Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, we optimize your website so that search engines take some REAL NOTICE of it.

Benefits of Our Ct SEO services

Here are the varied benefits you will get by using SEO services from us: 

  • Make your website feature in the Top 10 of the Search Engine Rankings of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.
  • Get some REAL QUALITY TRAFFIC to your website and thus increasing your customer base.
  • Have some good and relevant content on website so as to attract the attention of search engines.
  • Monthly ranking reports to help you know how your site has improved and how we are helping!
  • Long term benefits – unlike other conventional modes of advertising, the benefits of using SEO are often long term.
  • Get some real tips from us on how to improve your website more to help in search engine listings.

So what do you want more? Our Ct SEO services are customisable according to your own specific business needs. We make the SEO plans for you according to YOUR needs. So, do you just want a website or a site which generates money easily for you? A mere web presence doesn’t help. Stand out from the crowd and your competitors, with Ct SEO services.

Be realistic

There are many people and Search Marketers who would claim to bring your site to the top of Google search engine results in a short amount of time. Do not fall for this trap. This is because, even if the Search Marketer does manage to bring your website to the top, your website might get penalized soon enough by the Search Engines. If Google does come to know about it, it might even remove all your pages from its index. So, it is better to not take the risk.